Remo Kids Percussion® Gathering Drum, 16" Fabric Rain Forest


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Calling all parents and educators of our lil’ beat kings and queens...

This Remo Kids Percussion® Gathering Drum is as cool to look at as it is to play. The big fun sound inspires rhythm for kids of any age (and those young at heart). Featuring an Acousticon® shell, a pre-tuned Skyndeep® drumhead, and a vibrant Rainforest finish, the Kids Percussion® Gathering Drum can be played with hands, mallets or sticks.

Ideal for music teachers, music therapists, and group drumming in a classroom setting, the Kids Percussion® Gathering Drum is an important part of the percussion family of rhythm instruments and playfully introduces children to the basic building block of all music, which is rhythm. Recommended for ages 5 and up. Size:  16” x 8”.