The Rockin' Story

Who We Are

We also carry brands such as JB Player, LM, Recording King, Snark, Stageline and TKL.

Our Mission

To provide quality musical instruments, including acoustic and electric guitars, drum sets, bass guitars, mandolins, ukuleles, music accessories and more at rockin' prices that will inspire the musician in all of us;  helping to keep the love of music thrive in our homes, schools and communities.

In the online and social realms, our goal is to become more than an online music instrument marketplace, it is to be part of building a musicspace that empowers people, young and old, to keep real music rockin'.


At Rockin' Instruments (RI) we believe that everyone should have access to experience that soul moving feeling you get by playing a music instrument.

Whether you're a seasoned musician, aspiring to be one, or would you would just like (or your kids) to learn an instrument for fun, we are here to provide quality music instruments at low prices with inspiring service.

We are committed to providing a level of service that inspires you, including the opportunity for all musicians to come together and share their music, tips, reviews and videos of using our instruments. No judgements. No egos. Just the love of music.

With RI you don’t just get awesome music gear, you get us and our community as lifetime fans!

While we offer great acoustic guitars, electric guitars, ukuleles, drums, wind instruments, amps and music accessories online only now, we have the long-term goal to additionally build a venue that will allow for community jam spaces, open mic nights, youth learning and performance events, and (we really hope) free after-school music programs to support those who might not be able to afford care after-school and provide a productive place for kids to go. 

It is our dream for you to achieve yours. Whether you're a newbie, a professional musician, an educator or a hobbyist or a guitar collector, we want you to feel at home and supported in your music wants.