Breedlove Organic Wildwood Pro Concert Suede CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar, With Gig Bag


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Introducing the Wildwood Pro Concert Suede CE African Mahogany-African Mahogany Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Breedlove Gig Bag! 

The Breedlove Organic Pro Wildwood Series features all African mahogany, solid body guitars that incorporate brand-new Cascade Bracing. Breedlove built this entire line from sustainably sourced, FSC-certified African mahogany from the Congo River Basin—the world’s second largest rainforest. Curiously, this exotic tonewood from a distant continent intones the classic sound of Americana, with warm, midrange tones that perfectly support a voice. Favored by folkies, roots rockers, and songwriters, mahogany instruments are versatile, with a bold timbre, a crisp attack and strong string-to-string definition.

Organic Pro Wildwoods—featuring soft cutaways—sound great strummed or picked. A natural suede finish accented by clean, black binding, project a simple, straight-grained look as rich as their tone. Like every Organic Pro instrument, these guitars are designed and built to perform. Professional quality, all solid-body guitars with stage-ready Fishman Flex Plus-T electronics. Go wild. 

As exotic tonewoods go, solid African mahogany is one of the greats. Visually, its straight grain is clean, alluring, and warm with a rich, inviting sound that matches the look. Our largest body shape, the Wildwood Pro Concerto Suede CE’s mahogany top rings, with excellent note separation and a strong midrange presence despite the instruments power and volume. As an alternative to the ubiquity of spruce, all mahogany instruments provide a thrilling change of pace, especially for artists looking to expand their sound or distinguish themselves. Balance big and bold sound with the warmth and definition of mahogany with a soft cutaway Wildwood Pro Concerto Suede CE. With stage-ready Fishman Flex Plus-T electronics and a gig bag, this guitar will take you as far as your talent and hustle can go. 

What makes all mahogany guitars so special? Simple—the sound. Built with all-solid African mahogany—from neck to top to back and sides—the Wildwood Pro Concert Suede CE is all about tone, specifically the warm, dry, fundamental timbre of a classic mahogany instrument. That means the true note rings out, with fewer shadings and overtones, making for a clear, defined voice, one often favored by folk, country, and blues players. A simple suede finish protects the Wildwood Pro Concert Suede CE, but is thin enough to let it sing. The Breedlove Concert body has stood as an industry standard for 30 years, and it loves a mahogany top as much as you will. With stage-ready Fishman Flex Plus-T electronics and a gig bag, this guitar will take you as far as your talent and hustle can go. 

Songwriters from Bob Dylan to Jeff Tweedy have made their point with small body, all mahogany guitars. Instruments made from a single species have a unique voice, and Breedlove’s sustainably-sourced African mahogany speaks with a dry, warm authority that fairly screams Americana, while supporting your singing without overpowering it. The soft cutaway, easy-bending short scale feel, and Fishman Flex Plus-T electronics of the Wildwood Pro Concertina Suede CE make it a mean little lead machine, too, with the ability to sit in a mix, or cut right through it. A simple, durable suede finish throughout and a gig bag included puts an elegant, professional grade guitar in your hands at the right price.