Cort GB Series Modern Bass Guitar, Open Pore Vintage Natural With Case


$1,499.99 $2,199.99

Oftentimes the weight of the instrument affects the playing experience, and on a larger instrument like a bass guitar more fatigue is caused by heavier weight. While many manufacturers seek solutions by carving out large sections of body wood to reduce weight, the GB Modern’s body is cleverly designed to be just as light without physically tempering the body.

A great bass has just the right blend of timeless design and modernized features. The GB Modern bass is developed for the J-Bass enthusiasts with a surprisingly lightweight design for greater comfort and enhanced playability while reducing fatigue. Also featured are top tier visual and spec enhancements such as roasted maple neck and fretboard, Hipshot® Ultralite Tuners and Babicz® FCH4 Bridge to reduce the weight even further, and an ultimate tone combination of Nordstrand® Big Single Pickup Set paired with MarkBass® MB Instrument Pre preamp system.

The maple body core is paired with light-weight paulownia wings, then gets covered with gorgeous poplar burl on the top side and white ash on the back, resulting in a combination of great tonewoods that is excellent both sonically and aesthetically.

Often considered the tonal giants of the Nordstrand pickup lineup, the Big Single is a single coil pickup packed into a soapbar cover that uses a large magnet load for that bludgeoning bawl of extreme sonic salubrity. The Big Single's wind is able to take up the entire space of its bobbin, resulting in a super packed coil that works as the distributor of the monster tone these pickups have come to be known for.

Known for their world-class amplifiers, MarkBass created the MB INSTRUMENT PRE by concentrating their entire know-how into making an ultra-compact circuit and choosing the right frequencies for the best sound reproduction. Its tone control circuits were designed not only to enhance these frequencies but to give a unique and rich response when you boost/cut them, whilst always offering a very clean and focused bass tone without losing tone details.

The circuits were also developed to offer subtle differences of volume when switching between the passive and active modes. It offers a wide range of wiring/application options and it works either at 9V or 18V, with very low power consumption for an exceptionally long battery life.

The lightweight FCH (Full Contact Hardware) bridge by Babicz results in increased dynamic range, improved sustain, and pitch stability. Its double saddle housing lock feature assures the string action and intonation adjustments are secure.


BODY Paulownia Wings with Soft Maple Core
NUT WIDTH 1 1/2" (38㎜)
TOP Poplar Burl
NECK Roasted Maple
FRETBOARD Roasted Maple
Radius: 15.75"(400㎜)
SCALE 34" (864㎜)
INLAY Black Square w/ Luminlay Side Dots
TUNERS Hipshot® Ultralite
PICKUPS Nordstrand® BS4 Pickup Set
ELECTRONICS MarkBass® MB Instrument Pre
STRINGS D'Addario® EXL165
SPECIAL Deluxe Soft-Side Case Included