Classroom/Student Selections

Our collection of educational musical instruments for the classroom, classes and/or just learning.
View all 1/4 Scale 1/4 violin 11" Conga 12" 15CME 1st guitar 2021 breedlove 6 string 6 string guitars 76 Keys 8" and 7.5" bongo drums ABS Body accesories Accessories Accesssories acessories acoustic Acoustic guitar Acoustic Guitar Accessories acoustic guitars ACOUSTIC-ELECTRIC Acoustic-electric guitar Acoustic-Electric Guitars affordable guitars African Mahogany-African Mahogany amber Amber Fade AMP AMPS Antigua sax Antigua Vosi AS2155LN Eb Alto Saxophone. Nickel Keys and a Lacquer Body Antigua Vosi FL2410SL Open Hole Flute AUDIO Auditiorium Guitars back to school Band Band Instruments Banjo BASS AMP bassport Beach Guitar beautiful guitars beautiful ukuleles Beginner Beginner Drum Kit Beginner Drum Set Beginner Guitar beginner guitars beginner mandolin Beginners beginners guitar Bella tono best deals best selling guitars Black Black Fade Black Gloss black silver snark tuner black silver tuner Black with Mount blue breedloves bluegrass music bongo bongo cajon Bongo Drum Bongo Drums Bongos bose system Breed Breedlove Breedlove acoustic guitar Breedlove Beginner Guitar Breedlove Companion Breedlove Concert Breedlove Dealer Breedlove discovery Breedlove Discovery Concert Breedlove Discovery Concert CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar Breedlove Discovery S Companion Acoustic Guitar Breedlove Discovery S Concert Nylon CE Breedlove Discovery S Concert Nylon CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar Breedlove Eco Collection Breedlove ECO Rainforest S Concert Midnight Blue CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar Breedlove Eco Series Breedlove guitar Breedlove guitar dealer Breedlove Guitars Breedlove LTD Breedlove midnight Breedlove Nylon Guitar Breedlove Rainforest Breedlove Rainforest Concert Breedlove Rainforest S Concert Midnight Blue CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar Breedlove Rainforest S Concert Papillon CE Acoustic-Electric Breedove Eco Collection burl burl amber C6 Plus cajon cajons cheap guitar cheap guitars chimes church music Clarinet classical guitar classroom instruments classroom music College Band Instruments combo amp Combo Amps Conga Conga Drum 11" Cordoba Cordoba Ukuleles country Córdoba 15CM-E Concert Ukulele D'Andgelico Dealer D'Angelico D'Angelico acoustic guitars D'Angelico Dealer D'Angelico Dealers D'Angelico Guitar Dealer D'Angelico guitars D'Angelico Premier Gramercy Acoustic-Electric Guitar deals djembe DNA drum DRUM drum accessories drum kit drum mount drum percussion Drum Set Drum Set Deals drum tamborine drumNatal 5 Piece DNA UF22 Drum Set/Kit DRUMS EA15ATB eas22 ecl211 eco eco collection educators efl221 eldon Eldon By Antigua AS-22 Eb Alto Saxophone Eldon By Antigua AS-22 Eb Alto Saxophone With Case Eldon By Antigua CL-211 Bb Clarinet Eldon By Antigua FL-221 C Silver Plated Flute Eldon By Antigua TB-221 Bb Trombone Eldon By Antigua TR-2110 Bb Trumpet Eldon By Antigua TS-22 Bb Tenor Saxophone Electric guitar Electric Guitar Accessories Electric Guitars Electric Magenta (EM) etb221 etr2110 Exclusive Blue or Red F22 drum set First Guitar First guitars Flute Flutes flutest folk folk music gemini microphone Gloss Charcoal Burst Gloss Natural with Royal Sapphire back grand auditorium great gifts Great quality bongo drums Guitar accessories GUITAR AMP guitar bundle Guitar Tuners guitar with hardshell case guitars under 300 guitars under 500 guitars with cases gym class music had percussion Hagstrom Hagstrom dealer Hagstrom deals Hagstrom esn Hagstrom guitar Hagstrom guitar dealer Hagstrom guitars Hagstrom guitats hagstrom swede Hagstrom Ultra Swede Hagstrom Ultra Swede ESN Electric Guitar Bundle With TKL Gig Bag hand percussion HEAD AMP GUITAR AMP holiday deals home recording home studio house of worship ice tea Ice Tea Burst instruments for music therapy Intermediate+ jamming Jasmine Beginner Guitar Jasmine Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar S35 Jasmine Guitar Jasmine S-34C Jasmine S-34C Cutaway Acoustic Guitar Jazz Instruments Just learning Key of B Key of C Key of D Key of G keyboard Keyboards KP300X Kurzweil keyboard Kurzweil KP300X Kurzweil KP300X Full Size Synth Action Portable Keyboard Lacquer Finish learn guitar limited discovery limited edition limited edition guitar Limited Edition Seaside line array system lizzo mandolin Mandolin Pack Mandolins metal MIC MIC/STAND MICROPHONE MICROPHONE CABLE mini jumbo music class music teacher Music Teachers music therapy namm namm 2022 Natural Natural 12" natural bongos naturla bongos newest silver snark tuner Nylon guitars Nylon String Guitar open back banjo Orchestra Over $300 Over 300 PA Papillon parallaxe parlor parlor guitar peavey Peavey 112 Peavey Amp Peavey Amps Peavey Audition Peavey Audition® Electric Guitar Combo Practice Amp Peavey Bandit Peavey Bandit 112 Guitar Combo Amp peavey bass amp Peavey Bass Amp Combo Peavey Dealer Peavey Dealers Peavey mic Peavey mic and stand Peavey solo Peavey Solo® Guitar Amp Guitar Combo Amp Percussion Percussion Drums popular guitars portable speaker Powerwerks PWRPA2 2000 Watt Two-Piece Line Array Powerwerks PWRPA2 2000 Watt Two-Piece Portable Vertical Line Array Speaker Practice Amp professional musician PXS100B Quality Ukuleles rainforest Red Cedar-African Mahogany reflection fliter Remo DJ-00012-05 Mondo Djembe Drum Earth Rhythm Bongo Rhythm Tech Rhythm Tech Bongos Rhythm Tech Dru Rhythm Tech Drums Rhythm Tech Eclipse Rhythm Tech Eclipse Conga Drum 11" Rhythm Tech Pro RTPRO10 Tambourine Rhythm Tech RT5120 Djembe Rhythm Tech RT5200 Bongo Rhythm Tech RT5751EB Cajon with Bassport rock rock and roll guitars rock god Rock God Guitars Rock Goddesses Guitars rock guitar Rock Guitarist rock guitars rock music Rocker rocker guitar Rocker Guitars rockin deals royal saphire RTPRO10 sax Saxaphone saxophone Saxophones schecter schecter bundle Schecter C-6 Plus Electric Guitar Schecter C-6 Plus Electric Guitar Bundle With Schecter Hardshell Case Schecter C-6 Plus Electric Guitar with Hardshell Case Schecter C-6 Plus Electric Guitar with Schecter Hard Shell Case Schecter C-6 Plus Electric Guitar with Schecter Hardshell Case Schecter C6 Plus Schecter Dealer Schecter Electric Schecter Electric Guitars Schecter guitars school School Band Instruments school instruments se Electronics sE Electronics X1 S Studio Bundle With RF-X Reflection Filter se mics sE studio bundle Seaside See-Thru Cherry Burst shred guitars Silver Plated With Case Silver snark 2 Silver Snark Tuner Singer-songwriter sliver snark smaller guitars snark black silver 2 snark black silver tuner Snark Tuner Black Silver Chromatic All Instrument Tuner Snark Tuner Silver Chromatic Hyper-Fast Clip On Guitar/Bass Tuner Snark Tuners speaker Starter Drum Sets starter sets Stentor 1560F Conservatoire II Violin Stentor 1560F Stentor Conservatoire II Violin string instruments Student Guitars Student Instruments student saxophone Students studio body guitar studio bundle studio guitar sudent Sunburst Suzuki BB-B Contra Bass Xylophone Bar Suzuki BB-C Contra Bass Xylophone Bar Suzuki BB-D Contra Bass Xylophone Bar Suzuki BB-G Contra Bass Xylophone Bar Suzuki chimes Suzuki CM-25 2 Octave Chimettes Suzuki HB-120B 4th Octave Tonechimes Add-On Set with Case Suzuki HB-160 16 Note Tone Chime with Case Suzuki HB-250 25 Note Tone Chime Set with Case Suzuki MPA-16-U Alto Metallophone with Mallets Suzuki MPB-16-U Bass Metallophone with Mallets Suzuki MPS-16-U Soprano Metallophone with Mallets Suzuki XPA-16-U Alto Xylophone with Mallets Suzuki XPB-16-U Bass Xylophone with Mallets Suzuki XPB-6-U Bass Xylophone Chromatic Add-On Tamborine Tambourine TB teaching Tone chimes tonechimes tonechimes for church travel guitar travel guitars Trombone Trumpet Trumpets Ukulele Under 300 vine Vintage Natural Gloss violinst VITE S9V Washburn washburn acoustic Washburn acoustic electric guitars Washburn AD5CEPACK Washburn AD5CEPACK-A Apprentice Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar Pack Washburn Americana M1 Mandolin Pack Washburn Apprentice AG40CEK Grand Auditorium Acoustic Guitar Washburn Apprentice Series G-Mini 5 7/8 Size 6-String Acoustic Guitar with Backpack Gig Bag Washburn Auditoriu Washburn Auditorium Washburn banjos Washburn Bella Tono Washburn Classical C5CE Nylon Acoustic Guitar Washburn dealer washburn deep forest Washburn DFBACEA-U Deep Forest Burl Grand Auditorium Acoustic Electric Guitar washburn ea 15 Washburn electric guitar Washburn Festival EA15 Mini Jumbo Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar Washburn Festival EA15 Mini-Jumbo Acoustic-Electric Guitar Washburn guitar Washburn guitar dealer washburn guitars Washburn mandolin Washburn parallaxe Washburn Parallaxe PXS100B IG Stephens® Extended Cutaway Electric Guitar Bundle With Gig Bag washburn parlor guitars Washburn Sonamaster Deluxe Take the Stage Electric Guitar Pack Washburn Vintage P33S Royal Sapphire Parlor Acoustic Guitar Washburn VITE S9V Bella Tono Studio Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar Bundle With Hardshell Case Wind Ensemble Wind Instruments Woodwinds worship leader x1 studio xylophones
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