TerraVerb TV1 Smart Guitar With HyVibe® Preamp LTD Acoustic-Electric Guitar Bundle




Welcome to the TerraVerb TV1 smart guitar limited edition grand auditorium cutaway acoustic-electric guitar equipped with a HyVibe® (built in effects and more) electronic system.  The TerraVerb is a limited edition guitar model in which only 100 exist.

Are you an electric guitar player who also plays acoustic? A creative singer-songwriter? A one person band? A worship leader? An acoustic couch player who doesn't want to pull out all the cables and amps just to play? The TerraVerb is perfect for you!

The TerraVerb with a HyVibe is more than an acoustic-electric guitar; it is a platform for sonic exploration and musical inspiration. Outfitted with the revolutionary HyVibe® system along with stability advanced engineered woods, the TerraVerb grand auditorium cutaway acoustic-electric guitar will allow you to achieve more than you thought possible with an acoustic guitar.  

Its grand auditorium shape and armrest bevel allow for ultimate comfort, while still producing a rich robust tone and a balanced frequency response across every register. 

The extended cutaway provides exceptional access to its 20 frets situated on a mahogany neck for the ultimate in playing stability. 

The TerraVerb TV1, a unique model of a Smart Guitar, is helping in the revolutionizing of the acoustic guitar market by putting more creative freedom into your hands.  

Feel the creative freedom, TerraVerb.  

This smart acoustic guitar is ready to play anywhere and is bundled with an On-Stage® gig bag, allowing your TerraVerb to be portable and ultra-safe on your journeys.  

TerraVerb TV1 features include:

  • Built-in Effects + Looper
  • Bluetooth playback
  • Comfort Curve armrest bevel
  • Mobile App for HyVibe Preamp

Be your own master of sound with HyVibe’s mobile application where you can combine and create new effects into your own.  Play along to your favorite songs with the Bluetooth playback feature and enjoy hours of improvisation with the built-in Looper.  Improve your soloing, chord voicing and explore new harmonic ideas with TerraVerb TV1. Share your new music on-stage with others as well. 

The installed HyVibe® audio system presents infinite possibilities and mind-blowing performance within itself providing amplification, effects, a looper/recorder, and Bluetooth technology. 

The HyVibe System includes many effects to help you on your sonic journey:

  • HyVibe’s built-in FX processor with over 10 acoustically generated effects including 12-String, Reverb, Chorus, Phaser, Echo, Delay, Octaver, Distortion and more!
  • Built in looper with the ability to add more measures of music.
  • The HyVibe Mobile App that allows you to build custom banks by combining several effects and adjusting the parameters of each effect like rate, speed, depth and more.  
  • The Bluetooth speaker functionality gives you an accurate acoustic reproduction of sound.
  • Standard output and input jacks. (Wet and Dry signal)
  • Lithium battery lasting more than 10 hours of nonstop playing.
  • USB-C charger included. 



  • 6-string
  • Body Type: Grand Auditorium Cutaway
  • Neck Wood: Laminated Mahogany
  • Top: Laminated Spruce
  • Back & Sides: Laminated Mahogany
  • Finish: Open Pore
  • Fretboard: Engineered Black Wood
  • # Frets: 20 Nickel Frets
  • Nut Width: 1 ¾”   
  • Tuners Hardware: Vintage 18:1 Ratio Hardware
  • Lower Bout Width: 16 ¼”
  • Waist Width: 9 ½”
  • Upper Bout Width: 11 ½”
  • Body Length: 41"
  • Strings: D’Addario EJ26 Phosphor Bronze, 11-52 gauge acoustic guitar strings
  • Bridge: Engineered Black Wood
  • Scale Length: 25.5"
  • Sound Hole: 3 7/8th
  • Origin: Designed in USA, Crafted In China, HyVibe installed in USA

Photos are representations only.  Each guitars' woodgrain varies.  If you would like a photo of the exact one you are ordering, just let us know!