Breedlove Oregon Concertina CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Bourbon Burst


$2,270.00 $3,332.00

The Breedlove Oregon Concertina Bourbon CE acoustic-electric guitar is a body size smaller than the award-winning Concert model, delivering surprising projection and more nuanced notes from the smaller Concertina body shape.

Engineered for a versatile play style, this made in Bend, Oregon USA, acoustic-electric guitar has become a favorite of players around the world. The Breedlove sound comes through bold and clean with balanced bass, mids, and highs reminiscent of rosewood.


Sustainable & Clear-Cut Free

Breedlove uses no clear-cut woods in its Made in Bend models. It’s that’s simple. Featuring sustainably sourced all solid exotic and native tonewoods handcrafted by skilled luthiers who are as sensitive to the needs of the earth as they are to building the best sounding and playing guitars available anywhere.