Suzuki SNB-48 SHINOBIX 12 Hole Chromatic Slide Harmonica Set (Harmonica & Silencer), Full Set


$399.99 $549.99

SHINOBIX consists of two parts (harmonica and a silencer) and is easy to be attached and detached. The cylindrical shape silencer has a helical structure inside and exert high silencing performance despite its small size. The easy-to-play cover shape allows you to enjoy practice without loosing the harmonica's playability.

SHINOBIX exerts a greater effect when playing with strong breath, reducing the sound pressure from 80- 90dB in normal to 60 to 70dB. It can be cut around 15-20dB on average by each sound.

The conventional harmonica is connected as one big space inside. Therefore, when blocking the sound outlet by cloth (for example) to get a silencing effect, the air flow back to the hole that is not played and the sound may leak or a different sound may be produced.

SHINOBIX silencer is divided into 10 rooms corresponding to each holes to solve it. The sound is confined to each rooms, and the silencing effect is exerted by pushing sound into a spiral structure. Also since disassembling and cleaning is possible, it can be kept clean.

SHINOBIX can also be used by replacing harmonica body of Suzuki 10-hole harmonicas (except some models). Therefore, it can be used by replacing the body of your favorite model and other keys.