Suzuki S-64CW Sirius 16 Hole Chromatic Cross Harmonica, Wood Cover


$699.99 $899.99

Weight is attached to Sirius in order to add stiffness and mass inside the main body.

Harmonicas contains many harmonics, and these harmonics form the bright and flowery tone. Depending on the design of reed and the material and design of body, these harmonics change and it makes the sounds unique to each model.

Harmonica bodies with low rigidity like plastic are characterized by a light and bright tone emphasizing middle to high range notes by the body vibrating. Furthermore this bright tone is emphasized even more by the shape of the reed. On the other hand, since a body with a high rigidity, like metal, is hard to vibrate, it makes sound without losing the low note range.

Sirius is the ultimate standard of Chromatic Harmonica, combining a well-balanced sound that is thick to the core. Suzuki's phosphor bronze reeds use a special phosphor bronze. A newly designed reed for Fabulous draws out the performance of this material to the utmost limit and creates a thick and sticky sound.

This reed is optimally designed with the best material and the latest technology in advancing durability. The smooth processed wooden cover fits comfortably in your hand, and the more you use it, the more glossy it becomes, and the more the color and tone change.

The clearance (gap) between the mouthpiece and slide greatly affects the performance of the instrument even with a slight difference in accuracy.

Suzuki's chromatic mouthpiece realizes slide action with little air leakage by highly accurate machining. Slide action that is suitable for each model.

  • Range -16 holes, 64 notes c~d4(C3 - D7)
  • Material - Cover: Walnut
  • Body - ABS + Brass weight
  • Mouthpiece - Brass + Silver plating
  • Slide action - Long stroke(cross alignment)
  • Measurement - 195 x 45 x 33mm
  • Weight - 352g
  • Accessory - ABS case