Snark Silver 2 Tuner with Extra Battery


$19.99 $39.99

The new and improved Silver Snark 2 tuner does not disappoint!

No need to plug your guitar into an inconvenient handheld tuner, waste valuable real estate on your pedalboard, carry the extra weight of a rack-mount tuner, or fumble around with an inaccurate phone app every time you need to tune up.

Just clip it and rip it!

The SILVER SNARK 2 is available here in Black Silver & Classic Silver. Each Silver Snark 2 features:
  • The latest ‘HYPER-SNARK’ tuning software
  • Rubberized coating
  • Brightly lit LCD display
  • Longer lasting battery life
  • Nearly indestructible vulcanized rubber joints

With all your tuning needs covered in one extremely fast and accurate package, the newest Silver Snark 2 should be in your and every musician’s gig bag.

Tunes ANY Instrument!

The upgraded ‘HYPER-SNARK’ tuning software provides a stable, accurate, speedy tuning experience. This software holds its own with a wide range of tones. From the bright sounds of a soprano ukulele to the low down thumpin’ growl of a bass guitar, the SILVER SNARK 2 works with a wide range of instruments.

Astounding Accuracy!

The soft rubberized coating has been specially designed to eliminate noise and vibrations from other instruments. Ensuring disruption free, “right on the nose” accuracy every time you tune up. The rubberized coating paired with the proprietary ‘HYPER-SNARK’ tuning software gives you a consistently fast and flawless tuning experience.

Built to Last!

The SILVER SNARK 2 has been equipped with heavy duty, road ready vulcanized rubber joints. The battery life of this chromatic tuner has also been improved, so you’ll never run out of juice at your next gig. The astoundingly accurate LCD screen remains highly visible whether you’re performing in a dimly lit concert hall or high noon at an outdoor festival. Play with confidence knowing you’ll always be in tune. 

Plus:  We include an extra battery for free for you!