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HyVibe Audio Installed Guitars

The world’s first Smart Guitar Audio System

HyVibe’s expertise in smart, connected vibration technology will change the way you practice, create, and perform with your guitar.

Guitar World stated "One of the most fascinating recent developments for acoustic guitar is the HyVibe guitar system"

Acoustic Guitar proclaimed the HyVibe as “The greatest invention ever seen on an acoustic guitar.”

Prepare to blow people's minds when you play a guitar outfitted with a HyVibe! 

A guitar that amplify's itself, has over 18 effects to play with, layer or you can create your own, a looper with playback and even works as a bluetooth speaker, all without cables, pedals or amps? Yes, that's the power of the HyVibe audio preamp.

The part that will blow your mind is that everything you hear is created by vibrations on the top plate of the guitar, not a speaker. It’s absolutely incredible. And, yes, if you want to electrify (using additional AMP) you can do that as well. In fact, there is a special feature, Profiles, for that in the mobile app (for reference). 

A HyVibe smart guitar is the ultimate in being a great muse for creativity, functionality and ease of playing! 

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