Top 5 Absolute Beginner Acoustic Guitar Online Starting Spots

Top 5 Absolute Beginner Acoustic Guitar Online Starting Spots

We've been proud to help many find their or members of their family's first guitar and look forward to putting the right guitar into the hands of countless others.  However, starting to play guitar can seem intimidating, overwhelming and, at times, complex.

We get it and we've been there so in anticipation of that exciting moment when you get your first guitar, here are some links, tips & videos* to help get you started:

#1 ~ Learn The Parts Of The Guitar

Hey, none of us were born with this information ☺️

#2 ~ Watch This When You First Pick Up To Play

#3 ~ Download A Teaching/Chords Song App

After you get the hang of it and want to read music for all sorts of popular and amazing songs, we recommend (based on nothing else other than what we have found helpful) the Ultimate Guitar APP.  

It will bring up the chords, lyrics and music at a pace you select.  There are plenty of others from guitar manufactures, musicians and guitar instructors, this is simply one to have a place to start. 

There are also a ton of free online lessons to choose from as well and we recommend visiting our friend Beginner Guitar HQ's article on Online Guitar Lessons as a great, non-overwhelming place to start! 

#4 ~ Find Songs You Love

Of course, simply google your favorite genre and songs to learn to play and the basic chords of C, D, G, F, A (to initially start). If you love and know the song, you'll be more inspired to learn. 

Obviously there are a bizzilion Youtube videos out there for playing, but narrowing it down to songs or artists you love can provide a little extra inspiration. 

We happen to think the Free Access option from is a fun place to start as well, we love the "Learn These Rolling Stones Songs", but they have artists for every taste of music, so pick your favorites!  

#5 ~ Find Social Media Musicians To Follow That Make It Fun

Although we are huge fans of Ryan Roxie for learning and playing electric guitar, after checking in on Acoustic Guitar Magazine's posts, we also love to follow Gabriella Quevedo ( | gabriellaquevedo97 on instagram |

Once you have the very basics down, we highly recommend checking out the 11 best free online guitar lessons blog from our friends over at All Guitar Stuff.
* Rockin' Instruments does not control the content or privacy policies of the websites included in this blog post. 
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