Suzuki W-37 Professional Exotic Wood Alto Melodion With Case and Mouthpieces


$1,599.99 $1,999.99

Keyboard harmonica born from forest. 

W-37 was developed based on the voice of artists, and is a model having different personality from previous keyboard harmonica ("Kenhamo"). Kenhamo is attractive with a tone that has a presence that can not be buried in other instruments.

On the other hand W-37 aims at a soft tone that harmonize with other instruments even in music that requires delicate sound expressions such as classical music, musette and jazz.

Taking particular note of wooden characteristic which have an effect of absorbing and suppressing harmonic overtone in high notes, and using wood is decided for cover which is a big factor influencing Kenhamo sound. 

As a best matched material with reed sound, mahogany is adapted. In combination with the feature of mahogany, thick sound, W-37's sound was born with soft and claiming it's sound firmly.

Wooden part of W-37 is all handmade. The warmth of wood is soft, the carefully finished surface make it possible for finger to move smoothly and play comfortably. Beside shoulder strap can be attached enabling more flexible performance. Due to the sense of unity with instrument, focusing on just performance without feeling stress.