Suzuki F-48C Fabulous 12-Hole Chromatic Cross Slide Alignment Harmonica


$5,499.99 $6,999.99

The precisely machined brass body is highly airtight, and can thoroughly express the highly original sound of the reed due to its high rigidity. The sound quality is smooth and round by adding the silver plating. The reed is designed to be thoroughly compatible with the brass body to enhance the aspects of "volume," "sound quality," and "functionality." By optimizing the length and the shape of the reeds for each note, the volume and playability are balanced. Using a thicker plate gives the brass body a firm and deep sound.

The inner surface of the mouthpiece is cut to a special shape so that air can flow smoothly. It also features a gold plated coating on the surface, allowing for a smooth feeling on mouth. The cover is a unique shape Suzuki designed to fit the hand firmly to support the weighty model. At the same time, this shape also plays an important role in making the sound.

It is finished with an elegant silver plating. Short stroke – as the slide movement is short, changing notes quickly iseasier and more accurate. Also, since the entrance of holes are smaller than long stroke, there is only moderate resistance, which make it easy to control the sound. It is most suitable for playing jazz and classical music.
  • 10-Hole diatonic just temperament harmonica
  • Excellent airtightness and response
  • Produces a rich timbre
  • Created with high quality material