Natal Classic Conga 11" Drum, Black


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Make infectious beats with our Classic Conga. Natal percussion has always been known for its great volume and distinctive sound and this is no exception. Having pioneered the use of fibreglass for Conga manufacturing, our production methods utilise the original shell moulds for a design that remains true to the old favorites.

The Natal classic series revisits the original fibreglass designs that led to natal becoming
hugely popular throughout the ‘60s and ‘70s. Legendry groups such as the Rolling Stones,
Fleetwood Mac and Led Zeppelin could regularly be seen on stage using Natal percussion,
which was favoured for its superior volume, strength, unique style and distinctive sound.
So faithful is the process of manufacturing the Classic Congas that it involves utilising the origi-
nal shell moulds; even the badge remains faithful to the original. All models come complete with
steel ‘Comfort hoop’ rims, heavy-duty tuning bolts and hand lapped heads.