Barcus Berry Vibrato-AE Series Acoustic-Electric Violin, Blue

Barcus Berry

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As a student violinist for 7 years during my childhood and hearing many Boston Pops concerts, I feel (not just hear) the melodic expression of the violin with a deep sense of appreciation. 

Cut to last year (a few lifetimes later) and watching Katie Jacoby bring down the house with The Who live at Fenway Park, as well as violinists like Lindsey Stirling and Celtic Women and that appreciation has become more of inspiration.  Today’s youth can become more engaged by merging classical training within a myriad of music genres.

We choose to feature this violin for it's Romania hand-crafted quality and authentic Barcus-Berry electronics. Plus, it's statement style of the Barcus- Berry Blue finish. 


  • Fully-carved and graduated of select seasoned Carpathian Maple and SpruceSet-up to MENC standards
  • Includes Ebony fittingsSuper Sensitive® Red Label® strings
  • Four Wittner tuners and a hand-rubbed lacquer finish
  • Color-matching Glasser® bow
  • Full cake dark rosin
  • Color-coordinated Barcus-Berry embroidered soft-shape case with detachable shoulder strap

Check out Stonwin Hillchurch's capture of Katie Jacoby preforming live with The Who at Fenway Park (entrance is about 1:55 in)