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The Breedlove Difference. Proud to be a Breedlove guitar dealer. 

Sound better. Play Better. Play More. 

Breedlove is building tomorrow’s guitars today. With the goal of superior sound and sustainable exotic tonewoods, we have the right guitar for you, at the right time in your musical journey. You will sound better, play better and play more with a Breedlove. For 30 years, they have been following your lead, designing trusted, quality instruments for a new era in their Bend, Oregon Custom Shop.

Their passion matches yours, together knowing what makes a great guitar. Four revolutionary body shapes, marrying science, art and beauty, cater to your individual style, offering personalized, signature tones you never thought possible; with unmatched ease of playability and striking fit and finish across all models. You will fall in love at first strum.

That’s the Breedlove difference.

Breedlove Guitars

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With over 13 impressive acoustic and acoustic-electric model guitar series, there is a Breedlove for everyone.  

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