Randall RG1003H-U 100 Watt Solid State Guitar Amplifier Head with Footswitch


$649.99 $1,000.00

A great choice for rockers and metal players on a budget, the Randall RG1003H is a 100-watt high-gain FET solid state guitar amp head that features 3 independent channels, onboard Equalization, and more all at a price that's within reach for any working musician.

In fact Guitar World's article, "Dimebag Darrell’s guitar gear: everything you need to nail the game-changing Pantera guitarist’s sound" featured it as the budget recommend stating:  "This modern solid-state Randall stays true to the models used during Pantera’s glory years – offering three channels, copious amounts of gain, spring reverb, a headphone out and an effects loop for not much at all. Best of all, amps of this ilk tend to be much more sturdy than anything tube-powered, with less to go wrong.

The Clean (CH 1), Gain (CH 2), and Gain 2 (CH 3) all boast independent Gain and Volume controls while the Clean channel sports an additional Bright switch for added high-end sparkle. Switch between the channels via the onboard Channel Select switch or via the included footswitch. Shape your sound to perfection with the RG1003H's 3-band EQ (Bass, Middle, Treble), the built-in Presence control (which controls the uppermost high EQ frequencies above the Treble EQ shelf), the Bass Boost and Mid Scoop buttons (for enhanced lows and decreased mids, respectively), and the onboard Reverb.

The built-in 1/4" headphone jack allows you to practice quietly without disturbing others while the 1/8" stereo media input allows you to plug in your media device (iPod, MP3 Player, etc.) and jam along with your favorite tracks. Features Solid State Guitar Amplifier Head with Footswitch - Demo 1/8" stereo media input.



  • Controls Master Volume, 3 x Channel Volume, 3 x Channel Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence, Reverb
  • Wattage 100 Watts
  • Channels 3
  • Impedance 4 OHM Minimum
  • Fx Gate Reverb Spring Reverb
  • Inputs 1 x Standard Guitar Input, FX Return, Footswitch, 1 x 1/8" Aux Input
  • Outputs 2 x Speaker Jacks, Headphone Jack, FX Send, XLR Line Out


  • Additional Info 1 x Serial F/X Loop


  • Footswitch Channel 1/2 and Channel 3 (RF1003)
  • Dimensions 24.80 x 10.63 x 10.63 inches
  • Weight Lbs 31.97 lbs