Suzuki Soprano Melodion with Case & Mouthpiece


$119.99 $129.50
Limited Quantities Available

High quality construction of a metal and plastic body make this Soprano Melodion the perfect choice for advanced students and professionals. A 32 note keyboard starts at the F below middle C and covers two complete octaves. Supplied with an attractive, quality Leatherette case.

Precision tuned and constructed to last a lifetime, Suzuki melodions are the ideal learning instrument for the beginning musician. Many aspects of wind instrument playing are experienced such as fingering, tonguing, breath control and expression. Ideal for solo or ensemble work with other instruments, but most of all, fun for the teacher and pupil alike.

Highly acclaimed throughout the world, the Melodion has come to be looked upon as one of the single most advanced learning systems ever devised. No other musical instrument combines so many diverse playing techniques.



  • Standard Mouthpiece and blowing pipe included
  • Stable intonation
  • Solid projection
  • Matching soft vinyl gig case
  • Extension tube