Suzuki S-56S Sirius 14 Hole Chromatic Straight Harmonica


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Weight is added to Sirius to increase stiffness and mass inside the harmonica, producing many sonorous harmonics and giving it a bright, vibrant tone. Depending on the design of the reed and the material and design of the body, the sounds produced can vary. Low-rigidity bodies like plastic, which vibrate easily, emphasize middle to high range notes, while metal bodies with higher rigidity produce sound without losing low notes.

Sirius combines this balance with a thick, core sound thanks to Suzuki's phosphor bronze reeds. The reed is designed to the highest standards, using special materials and the latest technologies for durability.

Further enhancing the sound are a black chrome-plated cover in a matte finish, a silver-plated mouthpiece with antimicrobial effect, and a slide action with minimal air leakage.