Snark Silver Clip On Tuner with Extra Battery


$19.99 $39.99

The Silver Snark tuner delivers spot-on pin-point, precision accuracy at super-fast, lightning speed, with a stable, sensitive range that responds way down to the lower regions of baritone or multi-strung bass guitars, where low notes and overtones can often confuse less responsive tuners.

For the curiously minded, Silver Snark is extremely light and yet incredibly robust with hard vulcanized rubber collar joints. Invented by Charles Goodyear, it’s the same material used in car tires, and is resistant to solvents and impervious to moderate heat and cold. With that in mind, you could say Silver Snark is virtually indestructible and can handle all the rigors of hard touring, or, you could say…it’s right on the nose!

Now with an even longer extended battery life, you can rest assured the new Silver Snark clip-on tuner, will give first class performance over and over, gig after gig, whilst the bright, colorful, easy-read pin-sharp LCD screen, remains highly visible in low stage lighting or in the glare of bright sunshine.

It’s a fact, we just can’t do without what is arguably the most important and indispensable accessory a musician can buy; the tuner. The most popular without doubt, is the Snark range of clip-on headstock tuners.

With all your tuning needs covered in one extremely fast and accurate package, the new Silver Snark should be in your and every musician’s gig bag.

Plus:  We include an extra battery for free for you!