Randall Rx120rh and Rx412 Half Stack


$899.98 $1,188.99

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The Randall RX Series RX120RH 120W Guitar Amp Head and the 200W RX412 Cabinet join forces to form this pro-grade half stack. Randall developed it to bring the tone of larger combos and stacks to players in search of an affordable option. 

Its RX tone circuits deliver a modern Randall sound with crunchy lows and bright highs. Meanwhile, the RX412's 4 - 12" Jaguar speakers provide a powerful, big-rig sound at a fraction of the price. With 120 Watts of power, 2-channels, an Overdrive channel w/Voicing and Contour controls, Clean channel, Spring Reverb w/level control, and a 2-button footswitch included, the Randall RX120RH is a must-have.