Randall RF8 MIDI Footswitch Controller


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The Randall RF8 MIDI footswitch is an 8-button MIDI controller that can work with a variety of amplifiers and other MIDI devices.

The RF8 can be configured to send MIDI program change messages, continuous controller messages or both.  The RF8 has a 7-pin MIDI connector, but you can use either a standard 5-pin or 7-pin MIDI cable to connect to your MIDI device, whichever matches the connector on the device.

Either type of cable will work with the RF8.  If your MIDI device provides phantom power over pins 1 and 3 or pins 6 and 7 of the MIDI connection, it will power the RF8. If your MIDI device doesn’t provide phantom power, you can power the RF8 with an AC adapter. The RF8 accepts 9 to 12 volts, AC or DC and draws 100mA.