Randall Kirk Hammett Signature Series KH120RHS 120W 4x12 Guitar Half Stack AMP, Black


$1,399.99 $2,159.99

Kirk Hammett worked closely with Randall to design this 1/2 stack package that includes the new KH120RH head and KH412 cabinet. The head is 120 watts with  2 channels, and an overdrive channel with dual gains, voicing switch and contour control. There is also a clean channel with a boost option.  The spring reverb works across all channels, and the footswitch is included.  The 200 watt RX412 cabinet includes 4 x Celestion Rocket 50 speakers.



  • Controls Master Volume, Master Reverb, OD Volume, OD Gain1, OD Gain2, OD Bass, OD Middle, OD Contour, OD Treble, Clean Volume, Clean Bass, Clean Mid, Clean Treble
  • Wattage 120 Watts
  • Channels 2 + Boost
  • Impedance 4 ohm min.
  • Fx Gate Reverb Spring Reverb
  • Inputs 1 x Standard Guitar Input, FX Return, 2 x Footswitch, 1 x Aux Input (tape/cd)
  • Outputs 2 x Speaker Jacks, FX Send, 1 x Headphone Jack


  • Additional Info Casters are included
  • Speaker 4 x Celestion Rocket 50
  • Footswitch 2 button (Clean/OD and Gain 1/2)
  • Dimensions 24.57 x 9.49 x 11.10 inches (head) | 29.50 x 14.00 x 30.10 Inches (cab)