Peavey PV-1 V1 HH Wireless Handheld Mic 214.500 MHZ, UHF/VHF


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Who doesn’t love the freedom to roam from a wireless mic?  Perfect for houses of worship, corporations, university lecture halls, performers and pop-up event venues and establishments.

Here at Rockin’ Instruments we know that passion can move you all over the place, but we also like keep you in the know.  Please note that according to FCC regulation, Wireless microphones that operate in the 600 MHz service band (the 617-652 MHz and 663-698 MHz frequencies) will be required to cease operation no later than July 13, 2020, and may be required to cease operation sooner if they could cause interference to new wireless licensees that commence operations on their licensed spectrum in the 600 MHz service band. For more information, please visit the FCC site. 

  • Proprietary compander circuitry for an industry-best 120 dB dynamic range, and the clearest, most natural sound available
  • Operating range up to 250 feet typical (depending on site conditions), 500+ feet line-of site
  • Noise-free transmitter ON-OFF operation
  • Proprietary diversity digital processing circuitry to eliminate dropouts and maximize operating range
  • RF and AF 4-LED displays for monitoring incoming signal strength and audio level
  • Balanced XLR and unbalanced adjustable 1/4" jack outputs
  • Unique snap-out panel locking tabs for single receiver or dual receiver (side-by-side) optional rack mounting kits available


PV®-1 single channel diversity wireless systems in head set, hand held or lavalier models in three frequencies
Guitar wireless system available in two frequencies
Optional rack mount kits can be ordered for one or two receivers side-by-side
Weight Unpacked: 3.75 lb(1.7 kg)
Weight Packed: 3.75 lb(1.7 kg)
Width Packed: 11"(27.94 cm)
Height Packed: 15"(38.1 cm)
Depth Packed: 2.75"(6.985 cm)