Natal DNA Stealth Drum Set/Kit


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The Natal DNA Stealth Drum Set/Kit is the perfect home drum practice set and a rockin'  holiday gift!

Low volume, small profile, big impact. The DNA Stealth is a fully authentic kit that’s easy on the ears and perfect for practicing at home. Specifically designed to take up significantly less space than a regular acoustic drum kit, the DNA Stealth offers the feel and response of a full kit but at a much lower volume. The mesh heads and low volume cymbals allow you to keep the noise down, or you can swap them out for their full volume counterparts making this versatile kit equally at home on stage or in a bedroom.

The DNA Stealth comes complete with shells, mesh skins, hardware, low volume cymbals, kick pedal, throne and even drumsticks; everything you need to get drumming straight out of the box.

Assembly required.