Mackie Thump 18S 1200w 18" Powered Subwoofer Loudspeaker


$699.99 $879.99
Limited Quantities Available

The Mackie Thump18S brings boom to your room. The Thump18S isn't just a bigger, louder powered sub. It's been designed to deliver the boom to your room with its precise 140 Hz crossover, while stereo high-pass XLR outputs take the low-end load off your Thump full-range speakers so they'll play louder and cleaner. Its connections also include dual XLR inputs and full-range XLR outputs, and the Thump18S offers easy-to-use level and polarity controls so you can tune the sub to your speaker system perfectly.

Mackie's already given us their powerful and affordable 12" and 15" Thump Series powered speakers. Now they've added, quite logically, an 18" subwoofer to the line for maximum thumpage.

The Thump18S powered sub features a built-in amp that sends up to 1200 watts to the 18" speaker in its ultra-efficient bandpass enclosure, sending out enough low-frequency mojo for just about any application. And the Thump's speaker protection system keeps the amp rockin' through excessive levels or other challenges.

And Mackie hasn't skimped on durability to reach a price point, either. The Thump18S features an all-wood enclosure with their Built-Like-A-Tank construction, along with a standard-size pole cup that allows you to mount your smaller speakers above the sub with a mounting pole.