Kurzweil KP-110-WH Portable Digital Keyboard/Arranger, White


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Kurzweil KP-110-WH Portable Digital Keyboard/Arranger, White, 61-note, synth-action keyboard with adjustable touch sensitivity.

Enjoy a wide range of acoustic and electronic sound selections, featuring pianos, organs, guitars, orchestral, synths, and ethnic instruments. Built-in, interactive patterns are offered in a variety of musical genres, putting a whole backing band at your finger tips to play along with.

Create real-time arrangements using left-hand single-fingered/EZ-play or fully-voiced chords. The KP110 also offers a full-keyboard mode that responds to chord input across the entire keyboard range. With the easy-to-use song recording features, you can record your own keyboard performances. Up to 10 user songs can be recorded with 6 tracks each (1 Accomp track, 5 Melody tracks).

The innovative Performance Assistant helps you to perform various idiomatic guitar and piano phrases that can be triggered by playing just a few keys, facilitating the performance of strums, broken chords, and phrase endings.

Housed in an attractive synth stye chassis the KP110 comes complete with a detachable music stand and built-in stereo sound system. Powered by wall AC or battery power, you're ready-to-go for either home or portable use. The sleek control panel and clear backlit display provide quick access to all system functions.

  • Multi-Functioning LCD Display
  • 128 Voice Polyphony
  • 653 Presets
  • EQ, Reverb and Chorus
  • 6 Track Recorder