Ibanez RG450DX Solid Body Electric Guitar, Starlight Blue with Gig Bag


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The perfect beginner electric guitar that is designed to grow with your skills. Comfortable, sleek and sexy, this axe is rockin’ the Ibanez standard Super Strat body, high-quality mahogany, and Stratocaster style pick guard. Get ready to shred because The RG450DX sports a standard DL tremolo bridge (standard double locking tremolo) for tuning stability and a two-octave 24-fret fretboard for full tonal range.  Plus, the three Quantum pickups in HSS configuration help you express the true rocker in you.  This is one of our best Rockin’ Picks for looks, comfort and blow-you-away sound - way more of a guitar than the price represents. 

 Used Certified {mint condition}  B-Stock piece*

*We personally and meticulously select the best amazing quality refurbished instruments from the best certified distributor, based in Texas, that all major brands trust and use. Rest assured the ‘refurbished/used’ instruments we feature on Rockin’ Instruments are in mint condition and play like new.

Their factory is one of the largest and highest volume shops in the country. Their restoration shop has been awarded a "Gold" level certification from Fender and employs one "Gold," six "Silver," and several "Bronze" level repair technicians. They receive instruments directly from manufacturers for various reasons including; discontinued products, cosmetic flaws, minor repairs. This means when the refurbishing factory received the instrument directly from the manufacturer, their technicians inspected the instrument and determined the instrument had no flaws. 

Then, each instrument is inspected, tested, and professionally set up by certified technicians. Every instrument goes through five different inspections. Before being shipped to us, the Quality Control Manager decides which level of condition the instrument is in. The factory then lightly stamps "USED" onto the instrument. They also provide the instrument with a new serial number to avoid false warranty claims.