Ashdown RM212EVOII 2 x 12" 300 Watt Cabinet

Ashdown Engineering

$599.99 $800.00

Tonally, the compact design maintains the low-end response with a more dynamic punchy mid range. The addition of the tweeter provides extra high end and can be adjusted either to either hi, low or off with the three way tweeter switch depending on the player’s preference.

The Rootmaster EVO II cabinets are carefully constructed from light-weight ply to cut down on weight without risk to the signature Ashdown sound. Now wadded with acoustic foam to reduce transients and promote a lower frequency response.

The Rootmaster EVO II 212T delivers a punchy 300 watts at 4 ohms through its dual White Line Ashdown 12” speakers designed to deliver exceptional attack, clarity and low-end performance whilst standing out from the crowd with its distinctive high quality finish.