Ashdown originAL HH D1 300 Watt Mini Bass Amplifier Head


$549.99 $800.00

This lightweight, portable and stripped back bass amp head provides Ashdown tone in a gig ready, highly versatile yet affordable package.

Perfect for the bassist who wants the convenience of a highly portable bass amp with straightforward but powerful control. At less than 2.5kg/7lbs the originAL makes transportation a breeze. And then dialing in your tone is even easier.

The 5-band EQ boasts intuitive control for bass, middle, and treble, as well as hi- and lo-mid knobs. The front-facing effects loop and XLR DI output are another tip of the hat to modern conveniences. With its ample power, great sound, tiny footprint and player-friendly features, the Ashdown originAL head is well worth your attention.