Ashdown LB30-2N 30 Watt Bass Amplifier Head

Ashdown Engineering

$1,799.99 $2,370.00

Won't rip your head off, but its EL84-equipped power section is more than capable enough for small gigs. And, of course, it won't put your back out on the way.

All Valve Amp: Rated at 30-Watts, the LB 30 2.N.

The LB 30 2.N. preamp stage employs ECC83 and ECC82 tubes and features Active and Passive gain inputs, front panel-mounted Effects Send and Return, rotary Bass, Hi & Lo Middle and Treble, rotary Volume & Gain Trim control and balanced DI output. V

ALVES USED: PRE - 1 x ECC81 - 1 X ECC82 - 2 x ECC83 POWER - 4 X EL84 The Torpedo Technology: To bring you realism and playing comfort, Two notes has developed a unique technology based on an adaptation of convolution techniques.

Starting with the measurement of an actual cabinet and microphone setup, the embedded Two notes Torpedo can accurately reproduce the system as it was measured, as well as the microphone’s position in space. We made a point of capturing a diverse offering of cabinets spanning the entire range from the infamous ABM range to our unique CL-310 cab designed for Guy Pratt.

The range of six cabinets includes the ABM-810H-EVO IV, ABM-410H-EVO IV, ABM-210H-EVO IV, ABM-115-EVO IV, RM-212-EVO II and the CL-310 DH. With the option of an additional four of the six captured with horns/tweeters on high giving you ten cabs to choose from. A 6-way rotary knob allows for selection of one of the 6 pre-set Emulated cabinets.