Lâg HyVibe Smart Guitars

Lâg HyVibe Smart Guitars

The Lag HyVibe Smart Guitar series has it all - beauty, brains and ultimate performance. And a rockin' discount of $150 off at checkout! 

What is a smart guitar?

A guitar that can amplify itself, generate its own effects, or even turn into a bluetooth speaker, all without cables, pedals or amps. The part that will blow your mind is that everything you hear is created by vibrations on the top plate of the guitar, not a speaker. It’s absolutely incredible. And, yes, if you want to electrify (using additional AMP) you can do that as well. 

This guitar is the ultimate in inspiring creative song writing like we at Rockin’ Instruments haven’t seen before. If you are a one person show, songwriter or guitar geek, the HyVibe is a must have!

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