EFNOTE Acoustic Designed Electronic Drum Collection

EFNOTE Acoustic Designed Electronic Drum Collection

EFNOTE is a brand for electronic true musical instruments based on the beliefs of Beauty, Quality, Originality. Not every instrument is made for everyone, but when it meets your own original wants or vision, it's a dream made real and a dream shared by EFNOTE drums.   

In 2018, a group of skilled engineers who had developed and innovated the electronic drum category for the last 20 years decided to pursue a different path. A fluid approach to developing electronic drums was needed, after feeling the limits of working for a leading Japanese musical instrument manufacturer. A place where they could throw the constraints of cost and mass production out the window.

If you are looking for organic, more natural sounding kits, the EFNote series is it. If you are looking for a professional or semi-pro set, the EFNote series is for you.  If you are looking to have many kits in one set, the EFNote series is for you.  

Please note that Snare drum stand and cymbal stands are optional for most sets;  Hi-hat stand and kick pedal are not included in sets if applicable. 

Known To Let The Beat…DROP

EFNOTE / Artesia Pro discussed on The Pharcyde’s podcast on Pharcyde TV ’s YouTube page. Watch the entire podcast HERE – Artesia Pro / EFNOTE discussion starting at 43:50.

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